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A new lunch bag

Some time ago, I published some fabrics that I had in mind  to a new lunch bag to S.

I bought the fabric with the little girls a long time ago. But I love it soooo much that I couldn't cut it into anything yet...
Well, now was the time!
I turned these beautiful pieces into this bag:

(I am very proud to use
my new tags in everything I do)


Finalmente, terminei o saco para o
almoço da S.!
Já tinha comprado o tecido
das meninas há muito tempo,
mas gosto tanto dele
que ainda não tinha tido coragem
para o cortar!
Bom, este foi o momento!
E a S. ganhou um bonito saco para
levar o almoço para a escola...

Welcome to the Autumn

The autumn arrived yesterday and it’s time  to organize the wardrobe! This year, I can’t wait to start using these happy colors that gladly are going to leave the black to the darkest corner of the wardrobe.
MUSTARD via Isabel on Pinterest

ORANGE Source: via Isabel on Pinterest
Source: via Isabel on Pinterest

I'm sharing this post with one of the first blogs
I followed, One Pearl Button. Alli is a very generous person
who besides sharing her crafts and ideas in her blog she also shares her beautiful
photos of Italy, when she cames to Europe
(these are my favourites).

Right now, she's doing a
a "fall wardrobe giveaway" and
I recomend the visit!

O Outono chegou ontem e chegou também o
momento para organizar o guarda-roupa! Este ano, quero
algumas cores alegres que felizmente vão
atirar a roupa preta lá bem para o fundo do roupeiro:

LARANJA/ tijolo

Este post vai ser partilhado com …

Fabric scraps

As a special request, from my friend I., I collected some of my fabric scraps, and started to search for some nice pieces to make some potholders.
What an inspiration!

I made these three potholders, without following any plan. Just putting pieces next to each other, sewing, then another piece, and sew, etc...

And the back
(except to the bird potholder,
I think I forgot to turn it...):

Um pedido especial da minha amiga I.,
recolhi uma série de pedacinhos de
tecidos para fazer algumas pegas de cozinha.
Fiz estas três pegas sem seguir qualquer plano.
Apenas colocar os pedacinhos lado a lado,
coser, depois mais pedacinhos, coser, etc.

My new tags

My first tags, they're here!

They came from this online store, "A Fornecedora Online". Thank you, you've done a wonderful job!
I can't wait to use them, in my next project! By the way, I already started to choose the fabrics to do it. I'm going to turn these pieces into the lunch bag to S.:

Chegaram as minhas
primeiras etiquetas! Encomendei na loja "A Fornecedora Online",
que fizeram um trabalho fantástico!

 Mal posso esperar por colocá-las no meu próximo projecto,
para o qual já comecei a escolher os tecidos.
Estes pedacinhos de tecido vão tornar-se no saco do almoço da S.

Celebrating a new season (II)

I'm having a great pleasure, searching the colours  that make me think about the new season, instead of crying about the one that is ending. Goodbye to the yellow beach sand, goodbye to the blue ocean and goodbye to the white summer afternoons... 
And what can be best than to search for the fashion trends, to find ideas to organize or to switch to energetic foods?



( (
All of this inspiring me for the colours that I elected: Orange, Grey and Brown. Perfect!
Following the challenge Celebrate Color,
I started to find some inspiration
At home, I searched for my colour palette:

I had three zippers to choose from:
brown, orange and yellow.

At the same time, I wanted to do something
with this orange flowers fabric at left.
Also, I couldn't decide between those brown fabrics at the center...
The usual "indecision of colours"!!!

So, I decided to start sewing.
The inspiration will come along....

And I also …

Inspires me


Celebrating a new season (I)

As any beginner in sewing, I always find some difficulty in choosing  the right colors to a new project. Even if I have a clear idea of the structure, or if I am doing something from a tutorial, I always block in the same moment: choosing the colors!
So, how about to make part of a new challenge, all about choosing colours?... I found it in the blog Luvinthemommyhood, this excelent idea: Celebrate Colour!
An excent opportunity to face my fear of mixing colours!

Starting now!
What colours does fall reminds me?
(source: Design Seeds)
Huummm... Easy! Grey, Orange, and Brown!
**** Tal como outro iniciante na costura, tenho alguma dificuldade em escolher as cores certas para um projecto novo. Mesmo que tenha uma ideia clara da estrutura, ou mesmo se estou a seguir algum tutorial, bloqueio sempre no mesmo momento: escolher as cores!
E que tal fazer parte de um novo desafio, todo à volta da escolha de cores?...
Encontrei-o no blog Luvinthemommyhood, esta excelente ideia: celebrar as cores! U…

Weekend projects

This was a nice weekend, the first weekend in
September, the first one before the school begins.
Felt like staying at home, enjoying the last sunny days,
far from the chill wind that announces the end of the Summer.

Time to finish this little purse for my friend P.:

Another view, showing a little piece of a blue fabric
that I already used a lot, but that I allways find
a use:

But this was not all!
I also finished a nice cover
to put the health bulletin of R.:

I find this owl pink fabric so sweet!
I brought it from a nice litthe shop in Coimbra, Bolas de Tons, and
I think that matches very well with these pink dots.

O primeiro fim de semana de Setembro,
o último antes do início da escola, em que apeteceu
ficar por casa, a gozar o fim dos dias de sol e longe
de uma brisa fresca que anuncia o final do Verão.

Tempo para terminar uma bolsinha
para a minha amiga P. e uma capa para
o boletim de saúde da pequenina R.